High Quality Mattress Topper Suppliers in Kerala

There are only a few Premium Quality Mattress Topper Suppliers in Kerala. Linens and More is rated the No. 1 Bed Linens manufacturing and exporting company offering high quality mattress topper for its customer base. Also known as Mattress Pad, mattress toppers can be called as regarded as a thinner version of a usual mattress. In a standard one, the cover fabric specification is 40's 200TC 100% cotton. They are available in various GSM such as 1000/2000 to 4000. The usual thickness is 1 ½” / 2” to 4”.

Mattress Topper comes with box stitching with elastic band on four corners. They are available in different materials – but the most common are memory foam and latex. Mattress Toppers provide more support and longevity to your mattress.

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High Quality Mattress Topper Suppliers in Kerala

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